Tickets for Crucible 6!


We’re happy to report that Crucible 6 will be more affordable than ever, while offering a broader slate of activities and games. In fact, we have three tiers of pricing:

Basic: $50 – Includes entry into the con for all three days, and affords participation in all gaming activities.

Premium: $70 – Includes everything you get for the basic price AND Thursday night admission to the convention hall AND a laminated badge AND a commemorative patch AND Crucible 6 dice AND assorted other giveaways that our attendees have come to expect

Gold: $100 – Includes everything you get for the Premium price AND a special laminated badge & lanyard AND a Crucible 6 T-shirt AND a swag bag (the contents of which are in development). There will be a limited number of these badges available.

In addition to these weekend prices, admission to the event Friday through Sunday can be purchased at a day price of $20.

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