Blood Bowl will have a big presence at CRUCIBLE 7 with not one, not two but THREE different Blood Bowl Events over Friday, Saturday and Sunday. Check out the Blood Bowl Event page (just updated) to reflect all of the events.

Friday will feature the return of everyone’s favorite rumble in the streets … STREET BRAWL II will be taking place which features the Street Bowl variant rule set where you have a smaller non-pro Blood Bowl Squad throwing down in a dirty alley to see who’s the best of the best.

Saturday will feature Florida’s first DEATH BOWL Team Challenge. Get a partner and delve deep into a Haunted Dwarven Forge for some Blood Bowl action. Will you score touch downs, will you survive or will you succumb to a brutal blitz or the brutal heat?!? Dare to find out in this killer event!!!

Sunday will feature Dungeon Bowl SE7ENS with a unique twist … welcome to BLOODVANIA BOWL where the event is based off of everyone’s favorite Nintendo game … CASTLEVANIA!!! Can you beat the BIG BAD BOSS to win the game?!? Grab your Blood Bowl gear and find out!!!